Saturday, November 12, 2016

*FORCED* collab(oration)s and ~TWISTS~...

Hey! So every once in a while-- especially since I've been drawing a lot more lately-- I'll see a piece of art, and feel that I just *HAVE* to add something of mine to it or twist it a little. This was the case w/ my buddy, JunkYard Sam's latest piece, 'The Sometimes People'.
I couldn't *not* see a GIANT robot monster, looming in the background, so here ya go...
'The Sometimes People (REBOOT)'

NOTE. Because I just can't help myself out of my reinDeer REJECT obsession, this guy will likely end up with that crew as well:)

Another case, was when Nate Gregory created a character for Inktober, that I just *had* to do a take on. Because it was on the 20th day of October, we decided to name him 'Mr. Day 2Ö'.
'Mr. Day_2Ö'

I actually had a LOT of fun with both of them & plan on doing more in the future- WATCH OUT!

... enjoy!,