Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a bit of back story...

IN PROGRESS... one of the major reasons for the move from naughty dog [in beautiful santa monica, CA after shipping the critically-acclaimed and commercially- successful "uncharted: drake's fortune"] @ the end of 2007, was to become an "artist" artist again.

I'd started doing a few digital pieces for my portfolio site on the side, but really wanted-- NEEDED to get into shows, etc... become an "artist" artist again- not just a "video game" artist.

As fate would have it [well- actually i already sorta knew before i moved up;)] and buncha the people up at loose cannon, aside from being VG artists, are "ARTIST" artists, and, get this- actually create ART _OUTSIDE_ of work, also- art that isn't necessarily based on what mainstream America happens to be spending their dollars on for entertainment- wow! what a concept!

With that being said, this blog is intended to document my long-awaited journey into the art scene, and as _utterly_ corny as it sounds, my "rebirth as an artist".

... patenaude