Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sketch+: Lambada Series

More sketch +'s-  Might start collecting the quick 'pieces' created in a given week [or other random time frame] and assigning a name to the 'series', so...  let's call this group the 'LAMBADA SERIES'...
"I was *THE* ORIGINAL New Year's baby model...  Now look at me..."
'Might be allergies', he declared.

^Really like this guy-  Keep digging him up during various projects-  Hoping to get him in a game some day:)^
^Ver.02, Added a bit more highlighting + shadows [in addition to playing with the colors], but still keeping it light/ flattish.  Thought it might be nice to post a bit of the progress-  Will probably hang it up for now + move onto the next.^

...  All for now,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting back into it...

Yes, I've gotten a bit lazy with the amount of ME/ personal art I've been doing lately [yeah, yeah, poor me, I'm SO busy;P], so I'm getting back onto the saddle with a BIG round of 'sketch +'s' [quick pieces that I'll use to get back into drawing/ creating + experiment with different methods of display while retaining their spontaneity by not OVER-working them -> , etc.].
For now, I'm trying to JUST DRAW, and not over think any of it much, but hoping that at least a few seeds of something useful might come from it.
I have about 20+ 'pieces' on deck @ various stages, which I'm hoping to post & re-post during their progress this year, then GET DOWN TO BUSINESS next year, by putting a plan together [and actually ACTING on it] TO MAKE SOMETHING *REAL!*. 
So!  Here's what I have so far-  Stay tuned for more, if you so choose!...
NOT: Remember-  These are quite rough-  Plenty more work to do [maybe]!...
^UPDATE: Born: 12.19.2012^
Having a bit of a time fighting the smoothness of working some shading/ highlights in while also trying to keep the images relatively 'flat'-  Experimenting with painting the rendering in with masks [in photoshop] then filling that layer with noise to get some tooth to it-  Will keep tinkering w/ the process as I go because...  that's what this is all about:)
^UPDATE: Born: 12.16.2012^
^UPDATE: Born: 12.15.2012^
Oh!  Hey, [Matt]-  I'm working your paper wash scans into those BGs up there-  THANKS!

REALLY need to fix the line work on this dude, but one of my fav.s nonetheless