Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 BATCH_03...

Another batch for ya- Pretty sloppy, yet now featuring CARTOONS that are NOT FUNNY! I REALLY need to start working decent narrative into these little pieces, but in the meantime here's whatcha get...
'da Man?'
'Lucky Boy'
SHAMING: The BEST medicine


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SKETCH+: 2015 BATCH_02

Another batch of random sketch+ that I've been whittling on. Not much to 'em- Just scans, a bit of clean up, and a splash of color. I should really start spending more time on these, but the ADD keeps kicking in while the sketch backlog keeps growing!

This one was based off of one of those crazy google filter images on the net a few weeks back- FUN!

... FUNghi!
Another character based off of one of those CRAZY Google images, WEEeeee!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


WOW! It certainly has be a WHILE- Over a year in fact! Not even sure if blogging is a thing that people do any more? Regardless, here's a batch of WorkInProgress 'SKETCH+' that I've whittled a bit on. SUPREMELY rough [especially compared to so many of my talented concept artist friends out there], but that's kinda the point- Very much a break from what I do @ the dayJob + experimenting with various process techniques in the process:)
Note: Because there are at least 100 more of these sitting in my sketch pads just waiting for color though, I'm not sure how much more iteration I'll throw on these so figured I'd post them before they slip away into the void.
REALLY going to try to start making more of a habit of updating this with new art... assuming that's something that people still do.