Sunday, April 19, 2009

CUT OUTS II sketches...

more sketches on their way to becoming wood cut outs- some were originally created for game designs, some for if she was a boy;), but i figured i'd milk a bit more use out of 'em.
starting to introduce a bit of text again- something i've started doing to some of them, is naming them whatever sounds i think they might make.
one of my fav.s- starting on him right now.

"jimmy 2 pockets"
"floating harold"

started added carrot noses to a few of my beasties- something i rather liked and decided to rip off [something i _rarely_ do] from my good friend [junkyard samuel].

... figured i might go in the robot direction if she was a boy- only whipped up a couple up before finding out the good news:)
will be posting progress shots of these + the last two i just finished soon!

in other news, we just finished up the alpha deadline on our game, heading towards beta, and finally found out when it'll be on the shelves- SEPTEMBER 15th- yee hoo! will be sure to post when the press release on the game & company [finally;)] is published.

AND!! only ~1 more month 'til the baby arrives- can't wait!!

... patenaude