Saturday, August 20, 2016

SURF! series

Hey all,

So! I'm getting back into more personal art lately- TONS of pieces/ drawings on deck, so as usual, won't be spending a bit of time on each piece-- initially, although might come back to them later, if they deserve it;)-- but wanted to start getting SOME art posts and color on here.
As of now, this series only has 3 pieces, but the waves have been so fun draw that I'm sure I'll be adding more!
Wave_03, drawing, photoshop, hand-inked papers for detail, + kept the moleskine sketchpad trim on there for good measure. Might play around with the palette on this one a bit more, as I'm not too happy with it... but probably not;P
Wave_02, drawing, photoshop, + hand-inked papers for detail
FUN FACT: I am actually a HORRENDOUS surfer, despite religiously going multiple times a week while living Los Angeles!
Wave_01, drawing, photoshop, + hand-inked papers for detail


Tuesday, February 23, 2016


So! Got on a legged + not-so-legged-fish kick as I've been getting back into the drawin'. Posting a handful of {IN PROGRESS} pieces here now, pre-full-color pass (because I'm impatient) + surely more to come (as I've become borderline obsessed with them).
And killing to birds with one stone (such a violent term), I'm testing out some new 'hand-stained' papers (various leftover ink, paint, WINE, etc. + photoShop color adjustments of course) that I whipped up for my little (personal project) book 'The Jonkoh Tree'.

Added: 02.27.2016
Pictured: Paper-staining supervisors. (Lily even wrote a note/ reminder to lay the wet papers on wax paper to dry, so that they wouldn't stick to the table:))

 ... Enjoy!,

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015, SKETCH+ BATCH_04...

Have been picking @ these for the last week or so- Not much more than sprinkling a little color onto these little f'ers + playing around with some different color schemes, but I just had to get them out!

This was actually a character concept for one of my personal projects a while back-
Looking forward to when he finds his home some day!

'Mr. Flacid Nose'
Various takes on/ varieties of a character that William created. I really need to find his original image- It had a certain level of odd creepiness, that I don't feel I quite captured;)


Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 BATCH_03...

Another batch for ya- Pretty sloppy, yet now featuring CARTOONS that are NOT FUNNY! I REALLY need to start working decent narrative into these little pieces, but in the meantime here's whatcha get...
'da Man?'
'Lucky Boy'
SHAMING: The BEST medicine


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SKETCH+: 2015 BATCH_02

Another batch of random sketch+ that I've been whittling on. Not much to 'em- Just scans, a bit of clean up, and a splash of color. I should really start spending more time on these, but the ADD keeps kicking in while the sketch backlog keeps growing!

This one was based off of one of those crazy google filter images on the net a few weeks back- FUN!

... FUNghi!
Another character based off of one of those CRAZY Google images, WEEeeee!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


WOW! It certainly has be a WHILE- Over a year in fact! Not even sure if blogging is a thing that people do any more? Regardless, here's a batch of WorkInProgress 'SKETCH+' that I've whittled a bit on. SUPREMELY rough [especially compared to so many of my talented concept artist friends out there], but that's kinda the point- Very much a break from what I do @ the dayJob + experimenting with various process techniques in the process:)
Note: Because there are at least 100 more of these sitting in my sketch pads just waiting for color though, I'm not sure how much more iteration I'll throw on these so figured I'd post them before they slip away into the void.
REALLY going to try to start making more of a habit of updating this with new art... assuming that's something that people still do.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sketch+:GettingBackToIt Series...

WOW! Can't believe it's been over a YEAR since the last post- SHAME ON ME!

Anyway. Hoping to get the art going again, so I picked a few sketches from the dusty ol' pad, and decided to play around with a few [2D] rendering techniques- Layering texture overlays in with masks & different blending layers to add a bit more depth to the sketches, while trying to retain the spontaneity-> as always.

Notes: They are starting to get a bit busy/ noisier than I'd like, but part of the fun will be trying to find the balance. + Yes, some of the palettes are quite foul, but that's the price you pay sometimes for pushing for the 'NEW'!
*MIGHT* do a few more passes on them, although probably more likely to move onto new pieces!

Oh! + BIG thanks to JunkYard Sam for some of the nice textures [made by staining paper w/ coffee I believe] which I doctored up a bit. Plenty of places to get stuff like that, but kinda turns it into> a collaboration with a good buddy this way:)

Without further ado- Here ya go [most of the original sketches being from 2013]...
... Enjoy!,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sketch+: FlayGrunt Series

So.  Long story, medium-length-  Was going to hang up the Sketch+'s a bit, but got quite wrapped up in a buncha misc. biz-  Finished that, and needed a break so decided to get back into another sketch+ miniSeries.  Should really find a specific skill to rail [practice] on during these sets, but for now...  Just another batch of sprinkling a bit of color onto some of my favorite sketches...

... A slight nod to Garfield?;P
Another oldie [Promise to start sketch+ing some newer pieces]-  STILL IN PROGRESS-  Really digging the lines/ ink on this one + interesting [to me @ least] tidbit-  The  BG is actually the confetti-covered ground @ a Flaming Lips concert in NYC ~7 years ago!  [Would still like to integrate it into the piece more, although sometimes the juxtaposition is kinda nice:)].


Monday, January 7, 2013

Sketch+: Criminity Series

Having too much fun with these sketch+'s, so I'm stalling on my "BIG small" project a bit longer, in favor of another 'series' or so of these-  Going to start working more components than just single characters into the pieces, and try to hold 'em all together.
Note: I'm adding the most recent ones @ the top.
OLD concept...  Still dig him-  Pilfered him from an archived sketch pad a month or so ago, and couldn't help but slather some color on this huggable fella.  PS, Pretty sure those horns squeak when he gets excited
^One last color variation before hanging it up + letting it sit and cool for a bit.^
Another pass on this piece to pull the colors together a bit more:)
^UPDATE 01.19.2013: 'Just a few friends all gussied up [in burlap and denim] for a night out on the town'...  Might do a little more work on this one, but then again...  who am I kidding?  I probably won't- ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER, FOLKS!  PS. LOOK!  I finally started signin' my arts again!^

UPDATE 01.15.2013: Digging these guys [above &below] + having a lotta fun playing with the colors-  As always, searching for 'unique' palettes/ something new! 
Playing around with the colors a bit.  Started with the blue sky 2 images below, which i dig, but didn't feel like it popped enough, so gave the orange and pink a whirl-  Will probably delete my least faves after they stew on here for a bit. 
^Original sky color^
Here's the original-  Didn't feel like dealing with the guy on the left, so he got the axe.  My condolences.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sketch+: Lambada Series

More sketch +'s-  Might start collecting the quick 'pieces' created in a given week [or other random time frame] and assigning a name to the 'series', so...  let's call this group the 'LAMBADA SERIES'...
"I was *THE* ORIGINAL New Year's baby model...  Now look at me..."
'Might be allergies', he declared.

^Really like this guy-  Keep digging him up during various projects-  Hoping to get him in a game some day:)^
^Ver.02, Added a bit more highlighting + shadows [in addition to playing with the colors], but still keeping it light/ flattish.  Thought it might be nice to post a bit of the progress-  Will probably hang it up for now + move onto the next.^

...  All for now,