Saturday, February 27, 2010

UPDATE: NEW JOB, etc!...

A]  Yes.  Another non-art update-  Well, I suppose it's SORTA art-  I landed a new gig @ [Snowblind Studios] as a Senior World Artist!  Can't say much about the project yet other than that it's already fun AND beautiful!
As far as [Loose Cannon Studios] is concerned...  Might post on that later, when I decide how much of it, if any, I want to rehash.  'Twas quite an interesting ride-  I'll leave it @ that for now...

B]  Still settling into the new routine, but as marathon training starts winding down I should have a bit more time for art in the next few weeks-  Will start by posting a few sketches from the last...  HALF YEAR+ before figuring out a new series or some such.  Be sure to stay tuned for that!

C]  ALSO.  Coming up on 35 years old this year [dear lord], so I've finally decided to come up with my 1, 3, 5 and 10 year plan-  Assuming that they will all involve art;), I'll be sure to post a bit of that on here too.

D]  About to head out to fire up the house hunt again now that prices are settling to within striking distance of where they should be-  Hoping to find a new place by winter time, so we figured our future home might be coming onto the market right about now before dropping another 50-100k before we nab it-  Fun, fun!

E]  Really looking forward to our trip to Los Angeles next month for the [L.A. Marathon].  Jen & I are already working on our itinerary of restaurants, spots, and people to see + really looking forward to Lily being able to finally play on a _real_ beach-  Wondering how weird it'll be "vacationing" in a place that we used to live-  Can't wait!

That's all,