Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sketch+: FlayGrunt Series

So.  Long story, medium-length-  Was going to hang up the Sketch+'s a bit, but got quite wrapped up in a buncha misc. biz-  Finished that, and needed a break so decided to get back into another sketch+ miniSeries.  Should really find a specific skill to rail [practice] on during these sets, but for now...  Just another batch of sprinkling a bit of color onto some of my favorite sketches...

... A slight nod to Garfield?;P
Another oldie [Promise to start sketch+ing some newer pieces]-  STILL IN PROGRESS-  Really digging the lines/ ink on this one + interesting [to me @ least] tidbit-  The  BG is actually the confetti-covered ground @ a Flaming Lips concert in NYC ~7 years ago!  [Would still like to integrate it into the piece more, although sometimes the juxtaposition is kinda nice:)].