Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sketch+: FlayGrunt Series

So.  Long story, medium-length-  Was going to hang up the Sketch+'s a bit, but got quite wrapped up in a buncha misc. biz-  Finished that, and needed a break so decided to get back into another sketch+ miniSeries.  Should really find a specific skill to rail [practice] on during these sets, but for now...  Just another batch of sprinkling a bit of color onto some of my favorite sketches...

... A slight nod to Garfield?;P
Another oldie [Promise to start sketch+ing some newer pieces]-  STILL IN PROGRESS-  Really digging the lines/ ink on this one + interesting [to me @ least] tidbit-  The  BG is actually the confetti-covered ground @ a Flaming Lips concert in NYC ~7 years ago!  [Would still like to integrate it into the piece more, although sometimes the juxtaposition is kinda nice:)].



Junkyard Sam said...

Oh this is good - the line work is nice, especially with the black line but with white line outside of it!!! (I will use that technique, THANK YOU.)

The softer rendering on body vs more textured BG works pretty well.

I think the shadows you mentioned could be worth trying. Especially digitally, easier to add shadows that way.

Brian Patenaude said...

Thanks for the notes + yeah- Should definitely do a shadow pass on it- Will try to swing that soon before moving onto the next!