Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sketch+:GettingBackToIt Series...

WOW! Can't believe it's been over a YEAR since the last post- SHAME ON ME!

Anyway. Hoping to get the art going again, so I picked a few sketches from the dusty ol' pad, and decided to play around with a few [2D] rendering techniques- Layering texture overlays in with masks & different blending layers to add a bit more depth to the sketches, while trying to retain the spontaneity-> as always.

Notes: They are starting to get a bit busy/ noisier than I'd like, but part of the fun will be trying to find the balance. + Yes, some of the palettes are quite foul, but that's the price you pay sometimes for pushing for the 'NEW'!
*MIGHT* do a few more passes on them, although probably more likely to move onto new pieces!

Oh! + BIG thanks to JunkYard Sam for some of the nice textures [made by staining paper w/ coffee I believe] which I doctored up a bit. Plenty of places to get stuff like that, but kinda turns it into> a collaboration with a good buddy this way:)

Without further ado- Here ya go [most of the original sketches being from 2013]...
... Enjoy!,


Junkyard Sam said...

Lovely colors, man! Very rich without being oversaturated... The weird red/weird yellowgreen is a neat color combo in the two faces at the top!

No Time To Think - lolz

The textured BGs look nice.

madbrush said...

Your humor shines through!

Sarah Elisa said...

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