Monday, January 7, 2013

Sketch+: Criminity Series

Having too much fun with these sketch+'s, so I'm stalling on my "BIG small" project a bit longer, in favor of another 'series' or so of these-  Going to start working more components than just single characters into the pieces, and try to hold 'em all together.
Note: I'm adding the most recent ones @ the top.
OLD concept...  Still dig him-  Pilfered him from an archived sketch pad a month or so ago, and couldn't help but slather some color on this huggable fella.  PS, Pretty sure those horns squeak when he gets excited
^One last color variation before hanging it up + letting it sit and cool for a bit.^
Another pass on this piece to pull the colors together a bit more:)
^UPDATE 01.19.2013: 'Just a few friends all gussied up [in burlap and denim] for a night out on the town'...  Might do a little more work on this one, but then again...  who am I kidding?  I probably won't- ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER, FOLKS!  PS. LOOK!  I finally started signin' my arts again!^

UPDATE 01.15.2013: Digging these guys [above &below] + having a lotta fun playing with the colors-  As always, searching for 'unique' palettes/ something new! 
Playing around with the colors a bit.  Started with the blue sky 2 images below, which i dig, but didn't feel like it popped enough, so gave the orange and pink a whirl-  Will probably delete my least faves after they stew on here for a bit. 
^Original sky color^
Here's the original-  Didn't feel like dealing with the guy on the left, so he got the axe.  My condolences.