Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy birthday to me...

SO I decided to start my birthday off my posting a few baby [how appropriate] sketches that I whipped up for jen's pre-mother's day card a few months back...

... celebrating the rest of the day with a nice walk with the family [jen + lily+ hounds], hopefully picking up a much-needed removable HD @ costco [ugh- costco on my birthday!?], then off to woodinville for a bit of wine tasting, followed by a nice dinner @ [the barking frog].

... patenaude

Friday, August 21, 2009


after reading "firefly fred" [the book that i illustrated (poorly) ~a lifetime ago] to lily this morning, i realized that i really should do at least another one. unfortunately every time that idea pops in my head [which happens quite frequently], i get overwhelmed with and stuck on the theme/ idea [which i want to be able to be developed into a series (like i assume all children's book creators are supposed to shoot for)], and fizzle out.

well [hopefully] not this time! i've decided to kill two [actually quite a few] birds with one stone, and use the book[s] as a JUMP START in helping to develop the look and stories for a few game ideas that i've been tinkering with over the years. i have several of them [like most game developers] at various stages of development [yet all quite early], and it seems like this may just may be what it take to nudge them along.

even the simplest games can benefit from a nice little story to guide their development. and because i intend for the artistic style to be a huge part of each of them, i might as well test them out in a book- especially with as easy as they are to print these days!

so there!

... i promise there will be no more talk of this until there are actually IMAGES to post along with the news.

... patenaude