Tuesday, February 23, 2016


So! Got on a legged + not-so-legged-fish kick as I've been getting back into the drawin'. Posting a handful of {IN PROGRESS} pieces here now, pre-full-color pass (because I'm impatient) + surely more to come (as I've become borderline obsessed with them).
And killing to birds with one stone (such a violent term), I'm testing out some new 'hand-stained' papers (various leftover ink, paint, WINE, etc. + photoShop color adjustments of course) that I whipped up for my little (personal project) book 'The Jonkoh Tree'.

Added: 02.27.2016
Pictured: Paper-staining supervisors. (Lily even wrote a note/ reminder to lay the wet papers on wax paper to dry, so that they wouldn't stick to the table:))

 ... Enjoy!,