Sunday, September 21, 2008

mo' elements!...

this'll be the last batch for a while- a few action shots for the ADD sidecroller series+ a few enemy concepts to be used in that and upcoming projects- enjoy!

... patenaude

Saturday, September 20, 2008

more elements!

like i promised, here are more of those "elements" i spoke of- these little devils that made their first appearance in the "changing of the guards" piece for the obama fundraiser, and will do an encore in the "ADD sidescroller" series... yep!

more to come soon!

... patenaude

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


because of the ever-expending size of my pieces recently, it's been taking quite a while to see my pieces to fruition, but... because i never stop drawing, and like to update my blog more than once a month, i've decided to start posting sketches/ elements* to letcha know what i'm up to in the mean time and makes sure they're not condemned only to the pages of my sketch pads. here's a batch from the last few weeks.

[*elements= sketches/ ideas that usually find a home in my finished pieces]

hopefully this will mean that i won't have to dust off any more cob webs before posting, and you can expect much more frequent updates with the addition of more progress shots- more to come late in the week, after a bit of clean up- enjoy!

... patenaude

Friday, September 5, 2008

pikapackage zine aug '08...

eegads! almost missed it- be sure to check out the august '08 edition of the [pikapackage art zine], complete with a mini interview with yours truly, in addition to a ton of other talented artist, including an extremely entertaining one with my good buddy, [junkyard sam].

oh! and a few more kind words in a little feature:

... patenaude

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PREVIEW: A.D.D. side scroller, etc. series...

here are a few shots of the first 3 in the A.D.D side scroller series [@ varying degrees of progress], which i'm planning on painting with gouache on CANVAS canvas @ 30X15 [my largest series yet] + a couple of practice pieces @ 12X12- one on canvas, and the other on gesso board- enjoy!

... a couple of compositions fully traced down-time to peel it off, and see what i missed.
... detailed section of graphite traced onto canvas.
nearly finished photoshop comp. ... almost ready for the ink.
... in need of a bit more inky love.
because of the size of the 30X15, and my refusal to pay and be inconvenienced by kinko's or springing for a projector, after putting the compositions together in photoshop, i've been printing out 6! [2 for the 12X12's] letter-sized B&W images and taping them together on my trusty light table.
after that, i tape graphite paper to the canvas, & the frakenstein-esque compositions on top of that. so that it's easy to tell what lines i've transferred, i use brightly colored prisma colors to trace the composition down, before doing a bit of touch-ups on the actual canvas.
so- at this point, i have the first three traced down- will be sure to post progress shots, as soon as the first coat of paint goes on- wee hoo!
... patenaude