Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PREVIEW: A.D.D. side scroller, etc. series...

here are a few shots of the first 3 in the A.D.D side scroller series [@ varying degrees of progress], which i'm planning on painting with gouache on CANVAS canvas @ 30X15 [my largest series yet] + a couple of practice pieces @ 12X12- one on canvas, and the other on gesso board- enjoy!

... a couple of compositions fully traced down-time to peel it off, and see what i missed.
... detailed section of graphite traced onto canvas.
nearly finished photoshop comp. ... almost ready for the ink.
... in need of a bit more inky love.
because of the size of the 30X15, and my refusal to pay and be inconvenienced by kinko's or springing for a projector, after putting the compositions together in photoshop, i've been printing out 6! [2 for the 12X12's] letter-sized B&W images and taping them together on my trusty light table.
after that, i tape graphite paper to the canvas, & the frakenstein-esque compositions on top of that. so that it's easy to tell what lines i've transferred, i use brightly colored prisma colors to trace the composition down, before doing a bit of touch-ups on the actual canvas.
so- at this point, i have the first three traced down- will be sure to post progress shots, as soon as the first coat of paint goes on- wee hoo!
... patenaude

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Junkyard Sam said...

Wow! I just saw these pics individually but they look even cooler on your actual blog, altogether at once.

Man - I would really suggest getting on the projector lifestyle if you're going to be working large a lot!

On the other hand I hesitate to recommend it in case there's some part of the process you don't like - but I LOVED the projector lifestyle!

If the show goes well at 111 Minna I might get back into it at some point doing like 2-3 color graphic style paintings. I can do the graphic style work, just not the analog painterly work.

Anyhow - nice blog update!