Wednesday, September 17, 2008


because of the ever-expending size of my pieces recently, it's been taking quite a while to see my pieces to fruition, but... because i never stop drawing, and like to update my blog more than once a month, i've decided to start posting sketches/ elements* to letcha know what i'm up to in the mean time and makes sure they're not condemned only to the pages of my sketch pads. here's a batch from the last few weeks.

[*elements= sketches/ ideas that usually find a home in my finished pieces]

hopefully this will mean that i won't have to dust off any more cob webs before posting, and you can expect much more frequent updates with the addition of more progress shots- more to come late in the week, after a bit of clean up- enjoy!

... patenaude

1 comment:

Junkyard Sam said...

WOOO!!! Yes, more frequent updates = better!

My favorite is the googley-eyed guy 2nd to last!!!

The mask is an interesting contraption too, love that!

6 armed beast, lovelove.