Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Inspired by a shot of some long-necked turtle on the interwebs, I decided to have a little fun. No more than cleaned-up sketches w/ a little color + composited on a motion-blurred Tuscan pano, but this is probably as far as I'll take 'em. Had to post them though, before disappearing into the darkest reaches of drooopppp boooooooox...
tuscanTurtle_02 (pencil, ink, photoshop, + iphone camera:))
tuscanTurtle_03 (pencil, ink, photoshop, + iphone camera:))
tuscanTurtle_01 (pencil, ink, photoshop, + iphone camera:))


Saturday, August 20, 2016

SURF! series

Hey all,

So! I'm getting back into more personal art lately- TONS of pieces/ drawings on deck, so as usual, won't be spending a bit of time on each piece-- initially, although might come back to them later, if they deserve it;)-- but wanted to start getting SOME art posts and color on here.
As of now, this series only has 3 pieces, but the waves have been so fun draw that I'm sure I'll be adding more!
Wave_03, drawing, photoshop, hand-inked papers for detail, + kept the moleskine sketchpad trim on there for good measure. Might play around with the palette on this one a bit more, as I'm not too happy with it... but probably not;P
Wave_02, drawing, photoshop, + hand-inked papers for detail
FUN FACT: I am actually a HORRENDOUS surfer, despite religiously going multiple times a week while living Los Angeles!
Wave_01, drawing, photoshop, + hand-inked papers for detail