Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a few sketches...

much more to come [in the process of cleaning up ~25 scans that i just did]. also shifting gears from "art for art's sake", to gearing concepts towards story and game ideas- will be sure to note any details on pieces earmarked for those projects.

... patenaude

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

quick non-art update...

documenting this, for future reference & my excuse for not being able to allocate as much time to art these days as i'd like...

wow... boy was that close! jen & i were scheduled to do our final walk through on a brand new ~ half million dollar home last friday, and close on halloween. oddly enough, besides a bit of persuasion from my good buddy rob, it was GEORGE BUSH that really nudged me towards reason- do you want to know how?... he said DON'T WORRY!... so i worried- just in the nick time! i'm not blaming it all on him, but isn't it amazing when ANYBODY [let alone the president of the united states] has ruined what [little] credibilty they had, so much so that you're inclined to DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY SUGGEST?

here are a few links that also helped jen & i make up & solidify our minds on the subject...

... as i post those links, i can't help but wonder how differently this whole mess would be if there were no Internet, no 24-hour news to... let us to know worry... times are crazier than i've even seen- it doesn't even seem to be a good time to buy a new TV these days, let alone a new HOME!! eegads!

we'll begin seriously looking again in the first quarter of next year, more than likely in the same area [capitol hill/ madison valley area], but will hopefully be spending considerably less... for considerably more;)

ps. i promise that the next update will be chocked full with art!

... patenaude