Wednesday, August 20, 2008

art for change, seattle!...

well- here it is! my piece for [art for change] seattle- a fundraiser geared to raise 7500$ [150$ per piece X 50] for the obama campaign.
i was torn as to whether to get political or not with the piece, so i kept it kinda light- hopefully not too cliche- it's called, "changing of the guards", and is supposed to represent our man obama running those _devils_ out of office. after a few sketches, i composited the characters in photoshop, traced onto canvas, painted it up with gouache, then ink, sealed, and framed it.
it was kinda tough, because the target price we were shooting for was 150$ per piece- _SO_ tough to judge exactly how much art is worth- will letch'all know how it goes.
the show is tomorrow night [august 21st] over in the lower queen anne neighborhood of seattle- will letcha know how it goes!

ps. apologies for the crumby photo- i'll figure it all out some day;)

UPDATE!! although i kinda dug my piece, i don't think it was bold enough to stand out in a wall of so much greatness, so i ducked out a bit early wtih my tail tucked. dangit!

... patenaude

Friday, August 15, 2008

a handful of elements for the "ADD side scroller" series...

plenty more to go- it truly will end up being a bizarre mix of juxtapozed elements, when i'm done- nice and chaotic. quite a few more character action poses and man made structures to go, but here's a sampling of some of what i'll be using so far...

they'll likely look considerably different, when composed in the final pieces, but i thought it might be nice to show what i'm starting with- enjoy!

... patenaude

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


gorgeous animation based on a conversation with [the genius] john lennon in 1969...


... patenaude

pikapackage: AUGUST...

so! the first batch of the august pikapackage from is ready...

i sent in a batch of smurf color remixes + a few other small prints as my contribution- head on over to pikaland, and check it out!

... patenaude

Friday, August 8, 2008

a few new sketches/ pieces...

might turn these into something more, might not- but here's what they're looking like so far...

enjoy! ... patenaude

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


wow! an actual ART update on an ART blog!? what a novel idea! so! here they are. i initially set off with the intention of doing them 90% monochromatic with splashed of color here and there, but... who was i kidding? it just about brought me to tears as i'd glimpse over at that wonderfully colorful palette that was off limits, so... i buckled, and decided to go in the opposite direction, applying any and every color i wanted- the "anti" color scheme. despite the lack of planning with the color, i'm actually quite digging 'em.

a bit more paint to fill in [this canvas isn't grabbing on to the translucent washes the way i'd like, so i'm having to reapply colors 2-3+ times, but ah well- serves me right for being so stingy with the gouache;)].

"untitled a"

"untitled b"

"untitled c"

after a bit more paint touch ups and another layer of outline, i think these will just about be done. and just in time! i have a TON of sketches scanned, and ready to start compositing for the next series, which will be loosely based on side scroller platform game action- weeeeeeeee!

ps. apologies for the crappy photos- once they're finished, i'll post proper scans.

... patenaude

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"surfwise", the move...

highly recommended- more about family than surfing- you _need_ to watch this:

now more review [i'll keep it a surprise]- that's all- just watch it.

... patenaude

Friday, August 1, 2008


not turning this into a political site, but i just couldn't resist posting this one...
McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare:


that's all,

"hiyuh-watha" [working title]...

it's close, but i think still "in progress"- not quite sure... i think i may darken up the deer/ moose beast a bit, and possibly add a bit more rendering [a touch of highlights/ shadows] to the piece.

if i don't end up liking the piece i'm doing for [artforchangeseattle], i might end up using this one in its place. "theme" wise i don't suppose it makes as much sense. unless i go the "why can't we all just get along" angle for this one;)

hope ya dig!

... patenaude