Wednesday, August 6, 2008


wow! an actual ART update on an ART blog!? what a novel idea! so! here they are. i initially set off with the intention of doing them 90% monochromatic with splashed of color here and there, but... who was i kidding? it just about brought me to tears as i'd glimpse over at that wonderfully colorful palette that was off limits, so... i buckled, and decided to go in the opposite direction, applying any and every color i wanted- the "anti" color scheme. despite the lack of planning with the color, i'm actually quite digging 'em.

a bit more paint to fill in [this canvas isn't grabbing on to the translucent washes the way i'd like, so i'm having to reapply colors 2-3+ times, but ah well- serves me right for being so stingy with the gouache;)].

"untitled a"

"untitled b"

"untitled c"

after a bit more paint touch ups and another layer of outline, i think these will just about be done. and just in time! i have a TON of sketches scanned, and ready to start compositing for the next series, which will be loosely based on side scroller platform game action- weeeeeeeee!

ps. apologies for the crappy photos- once they're finished, i'll post proper scans.

... patenaude


Junkyard Sam said...

WOW!!! You know how I like good compositions - these are some of my favorite from you I've ever seen!

I LOVE the first out how it appears to go off in the distance... and the hearts. Oh!!! It's... LOVELY!

The BigBird char in #2 = classic. I hope you repeat him. Love the long torso!

The face on the multiteat char is hilarious on #3. And is that me on the right? =) And brad heatmeter to the left of me?

brian patenaude said...

thanks. and i actually cleaned up the beastie on the bottom [left of the bottom one] one + the hog, which were _really bothering me... i think think set might be a winner!

... patenaude