Monday, January 7, 2013

Sketch+: Criminity Series

Having too much fun with these sketch+'s, so I'm stalling on my "BIG small" project a bit longer, in favor of another 'series' or so of these-  Going to start working more components than just single characters into the pieces, and try to hold 'em all together.
Note: I'm adding the most recent ones @ the top.
OLD concept...  Still dig him-  Pilfered him from an archived sketch pad a month or so ago, and couldn't help but slather some color on this huggable fella.  PS, Pretty sure those horns squeak when he gets excited
^One last color variation before hanging it up + letting it sit and cool for a bit.^
Another pass on this piece to pull the colors together a bit more:)
^UPDATE 01.19.2013: 'Just a few friends all gussied up [in burlap and denim] for a night out on the town'...  Might do a little more work on this one, but then again...  who am I kidding?  I probably won't- ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER, FOLKS!  PS. LOOK!  I finally started signin' my arts again!^

UPDATE 01.15.2013: Digging these guys [above &below] + having a lotta fun playing with the colors-  As always, searching for 'unique' palettes/ something new! 
Playing around with the colors a bit.  Started with the blue sky 2 images below, which i dig, but didn't feel like it popped enough, so gave the orange and pink a whirl-  Will probably delete my least faves after they stew on here for a bit. 
^Original sky color^
Here's the original-  Didn't feel like dealing with the guy on the left, so he got the axe.  My condolences.



Junkyard Sam said...

Oh man I love the NIPPLEBOOBS on the top guy!

Junkyard Sam said...

GUY ON LEFT. His body shape is neat. Something about him stands out as unusual in your work. Please animated him, THANK YOU.

Center guy. The moustache -- O-M-G I actually chuckled OUT LOUD. And that TUBE NOSE? WTF? And it's erect. hehehe.

And guy on the right looks like a REAL DUMBASS. hehe

Lovin' it! Interestingly, I like the 2nd pass colors way more than the first.