Saturday, October 15, 2016

cowPoke Collection: ROUND III

What!? Can it be so, ALREADY another round of cowpokes + bonus bronco!? YES!
Like I mentioned, I have quite a few on the backBurner, so am really excited to finally add some color to the puppies, and get 'em out! Here are the next three pieces in the mix!
(the infamous) cowPoke_01
And a bit of that backstory that I've been promising...
In the future (before the SERIOUS space expeditions began) 'BIG RODEO' crossBred traditional, earthly bulls and broncos, w/ camels, dolphins, and all sorts of beasts to give the cowpokes more of a challenge.
Their thinking was that the dolphin skin would make them more slippery, and the camel humps (which they were able to increase the count of through genetic experimentation), would make them trickier to sit on. Sounds odd, but it seemed to work... for a while...


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