Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting back into it...

Yes, I've gotten a bit lazy with the amount of ME/ personal art I've been doing lately [yeah, yeah, poor me, I'm SO busy;P], so I'm getting back onto the saddle with a BIG round of 'sketch +'s' [quick pieces that I'll use to get back into drawing/ creating + experiment with different methods of display while retaining their spontaneity by not OVER-working them -> , etc.].
For now, I'm trying to JUST DRAW, and not over think any of it much, but hoping that at least a few seeds of something useful might come from it.
I have about 20+ 'pieces' on deck @ various stages, which I'm hoping to post & re-post during their progress this year, then GET DOWN TO BUSINESS next year, by putting a plan together [and actually ACTING on it] TO MAKE SOMETHING *REAL!*. 
So!  Here's what I have so far-  Stay tuned for more, if you so choose!...
NOT: Remember-  These are quite rough-  Plenty more work to do [maybe]!...
^UPDATE: Born: 12.19.2012^
Having a bit of a time fighting the smoothness of working some shading/ highlights in while also trying to keep the images relatively 'flat'-  Experimenting with painting the rendering in with masks [in photoshop] then filling that layer with noise to get some tooth to it-  Will keep tinkering w/ the process as I go because...  that's what this is all about:)
^UPDATE: Born: 12.16.2012^
^UPDATE: Born: 12.15.2012^
Oh!  Hey, [Matt]-  I'm working your paper wash scans into those BGs up there-  THANKS!

REALLY need to fix the line work on this dude, but one of my fav.s nonetheless


Junkyard Sam said...

Top one is classic awesomeness, I love it. Design of face, colors. Nice!

The LOOK AWAY one is effing SICK. Sick sick sick you are disturbed. LOVING THESE.

So glad to see you blogging your stuff again!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!


Junkyard Sam said...

The textured background adds a lot to the polished look of these. Way better than flat for some reason. Interesting. It matters more than I would have thought. Basically those backgrounds aren't "important" but they make the characters look nicer as a result of this presentation.

The texture on the characters plus the gradients and shadowing(?) is nice. Basically these are way more satisfying to look at than the prior post even though the concepts themselves are in the same ballpark. Nice presentation with these, I mean.

Now that I think about it -- they don't really look digital!

PS. Did your blog always use these colors? Orange/Purple. Looks nice. I might just be noticing.

Brian Patenaude said...

As always, thanks for the insight/ input, Monsieur JunkHausen!! + yup- those colors have always been there [you know me & my love for the secondary colors;)].

Junkyard Sam said...

LOL! I guess the colors stood out to me because they matched nicely with your orange character backgrounds. Ha!

I just had the thought "Hmm... The blog looks nice."