Saturday, November 15, 2008

the yellow submarine...

wow! after recommending/ loaning it to a friend to watch, i realized it'd been a while since i'd seen it. so i sat down with my sketch pad and a bit of wine, and popped it on the TV.

it's such a perfect mix of some of the best music ever recorded with some of the most beautiful and imaginative imagery that i've ever seen. every time i watch it, i can't help but be inspired and appreciate what a wonderful EXPERIENCE it is, and how completely i'm drawn into the world that it's created. and, as a video game artist, my thoughts lead naturally to imagine what a _WONDERFUL_ video game it would make, or at least inspire. i know they've created interactive rides based on the movie, but i'm talking about a larger project, that really captures how deep this world actually is. given that, despite my ongoing battle to be too heavily influenced by any one thing, you just might start to see some of the elements of "the yellow submarine" creep into some of my future works.

below is a video i ran across that takes a quick peak into the movie, hopefully enticing you to finally sit down and watch it... or watch it again. enjoy!

... patenaude

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