Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hey Everyone!,

Sorta random post, but here are the cut out creatures that are currently inhabiting the walls of my studio [aka. the GARAGE].  I've whipped 'em all up over that past couple of years, based on designs that didn't necessarily fit the themes of my kids' rooms, but needed to be made nevertheless.

Karin.  This is actually one of thepieces that I had originally earmarked for the trade.
This was the original test piece, using gouache instead of the acrylics that I eventually switched over to for easier opacity + cost.

This one is based off the same design as the one above, but a bit smaller.

This little dude is an enemy character for one of my many game ideas.

Yes-  Those are what you think they are;)

LOVE this bumbly creature.
The reason that I'm FINALLY posting them is for an art trade with my buddy, [KARIN YAMAGIWA MADAN] who created this AWESOME stumpy coon stuffed animal for Lily...

Here they FINALLY are! Again, I really probably owe you the whole lot of 'em based off the amount of work and awesomeness that you poured into the stumpy coon.  Just let me know which one[s] you want, and I'll get'em to ya ASAP!  THANKS AGAIN

...  Patenaude

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Junkyard Sam said...

Man I've been so inspired by you doing these. I'm getting close to the point of doing something like this for my boys too!!!

I love that you kept the balls exposed, lol. I will do similar, with microweiners like I always put in my drawings. lol