Saturday, September 24, 2016

critterCountry IIX: anotherHeapingHandful...

Another heaping handful of critters to help populate critterCountry!
Note: I really need to think of a new name for these, if they ever turn into *anything*, as I believe this phrase 'critterCountry' has been taken 10 ways to Sunday. I've been toying around with the idea of a simple alt. spelling, i.e. Qritter Country, Qritter Quntry, kritterKountry, etc., but it gets confusing as to whether 'country' and 'critter' should start with the same letter, be understandable, remember-able, etc... These are the useless quandaries that occupy my brain;) In the mean time, CRITTER COUNTRY it is!...

These little buggers were actually based on a concept from the talented Lily Patenaude, which I feel might make some great little background critters in a game, etc. world. I REALLY need to find her original drawing, of this little guy!
Alt. color variation, just because.

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