Saturday, February 28, 2009

[very loose] game concept sketches?...

so i'm trying to flesh out a game idea by doing random sketches with the characters, to develop their personalities and see where it leads. so far all i have is that they're called "CATTYwampi" [yeah- really clever, right;)?] and and are trying to "right" various structures [each of the team having their own unique abilities to help with the job] that are "cattywampus", due to being vandalized by hooligans, no-good nicks, and the their ilk. nothing too complicated, as i'm trying to scale back some of my ideas these days in an attempt to lighten them up and make them more "doable". these sketches are a bit old, but i figured i should post them before they disappear into the sketch pad archives, and possibly never heard from again!

... more to come on experiments with the actual look, which i'm hoping will be a combination of line work on top of photo textures and dabbled with in last year's holiday card:
... and i've been dying to do some wooden cut outs of them as well- just have to find a place to mount them;)

oh! and btw- they're actually all based off this sketch which i did a year or so ago, took quite a liking too, and actually appeared in a handful of pieces in 2008.
... patenaude


brian patenaude said...

hmmm... realized after posting this, there's not much GAME in the game concepts- will be sure to post more of that in subsequent posts- wee!

... patenaude

Junkyard Sam said...

WOW I love the first one up there, I think your stuff is REALLY suited to making comics --- and I know you hate it when I say that...

BUT... it would be a cool way to knock out some quick(er) between level intros and stuff for a game you make!!!

Please ink that one there at the top. Thank you.