Wednesday, March 25, 2009

baby's room part V...

i'm still planning on adding another handful of flowers- scattering them mostly around the edges, but... for the most part- here it is. walls painted, crib & changing table are put together, the cut outs are _securely_ mounted to the walls... all we need is the baby;)

the "main" wall- again- they're fastened quite securely to the wall:)

here's one that rob retouched in photoshop [thanks!]- quite a bit more accurate ['cept for the lamb is whiter:)]- really makes me want to retouch them all or do a reshoot [possibly after i finish the rest of the flowers]... and figure out the white balance on my camera;)

this little dude _really_ needs some more flowers- i figure i have about 20 more to whip up.

the big pink bunny hangs out alone in the corner- i have NO IDEA what he's up to...
see! lions and elephants CAN get along...

SEE!! lions and elephants CAN get along [yes- the baby is turning me corny]

... and last, but not least, here's where all those diapers that i've been warned about, will be changed.

... all in all, i had a _LOT_ of fun whipping these up. so much so that i'm dying to try this with some of my characters not-so-appropriate for a baby girls room- hopefully jen will let me hang them SOMEWHERE;)

... patenaude


brian patenaude said...

hmmm... looking a bit warm- might do a bit of color correction on the images and then re-post:)

... patenaude

Paul said...

you can hang them at my house

KYMadan said...

Babynaude is a lucky girl!
The room looks fantastic.
(I can't wait for our trade!)

Junkyard Sam said...

oh my GOD man!!!! That, SERIOUSLY is one of my favorite things I've ever seen you make. Like out of all the art you've ever made, that is some of my personal favorite.

It's REALLY, *REALLY* cool. Like WAY cool. Like I LOVE IT.

Like it makes me feel guilty I haven't done something like that for mine.

geenpool said...

wow...really you make me feel like a crappy dad, for not doing anything like that fer Esther...thanks a're already a better daddy than me...i'll go shoot myself now...sniff. great work, by the way.

Brad and Jani said...

Pretty amazing, Brian! I love how it all turned out. You're going to be a great Daddy...dedication is already obvious!
Love ya,

Rob said...

Insane. I have no idea how you became a surgeon-artist with that electric saw. You should write a book on how to use it.

This is honestly some of the coolest shit I've seen you do. AMAZING!!

I need to step it up and paint some animals on Elliot's walls now...

Roryaileen said...

What a great baby's room! It is almost like a Where the Wild Things Are for girls... Nice ;-) Congrats again on the baby. How exciting!