Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Even MORE progress shots of the 2 most recent batches of CutOuts...

A handful of new progress shots-  Some of it from MONDAY night even.  How's THAT for productivity!?

...  Getting the ink on some pieces from the last 2 batches.

This is the one that Lily picked out of all 8 [with a little coaching from me as it's my FAV!].  I'm calling it part of her Valentine's present.

This is where it lives in her room [had to clear some of the flowers out of the way].  ^NOTE:  Colors are WAY off in this one-  I really need to re-shoot this^

...  A close up of the ink + more accurate colors [better lighting].

And here is the one that I picked for William [I thought it fit in well with the (THEME) of his room].  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, little lion man!  I'm attributing his lack of enthusiasm to the fact that he'd JUST woken up-  I'm sure it had NOTHING to do with his displeasure with the design...  Right?
...  And a close-up of of it being freshly inked!

That's all for now,


edwin rosell said...

These are crazy cool!

brian patenaude said...

Thanks, EDWIN!

brian patenaude said...

UPDATE: Lily ended up deciding on the name 'LINDA' for the horned beastie in her room... OF COURSE!;)

Joe Kresoja said...

these are awesome!