Friday, March 2, 2012

PROGRESS SHOTS, Week of ~02.26.2012 [+ a bonus thought]...

Another round progress shots from the cutouts that I've been working on over the past couple of weeks.   NOTE:  Top shots are most recent...
Added the final layer of sealant and the backings on Wednesday and these suckers are DONE[...  aside from a little touch up on the leprechaun's arm + the blue beastie's eyes]!  + In addition to wanting to ge the leprechaun done by at. patrick's day [for whatever reason], all of these suckers are ear-marked for potential side-project game ideas as well-  TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE!
I actually went w/ ~80% colored ink for this set-  Partially as an experiment +  partially because i had some nice colors sitting around;)
...  Ready for COLOR!
Off to the SAW!...
Final shots of the bunny-ESQUE heads-  from the last round-  These are ear-marked for potential cast member for one of my little side game projects.

ALL FINISHED and ready for a home!  Will it be the kids' rooms, the studio walls, or...  ETSY-determined destination!?
So...  I believe the CutOuts have served their purpose in getting me back onto the art saddle, but @ this point it seems they've become a bit of a procrastination tool/ distraction from the project[s] that I should really be concentrating-  So I might slow progress on them in the near future.  That being said, it's always fun to get my hands dirty, so I'm sure i won't be able to completely stop firing up the saw and dusting off the bristles completely;)

In working on my side projects, I've noticed that because I don't have time to do a TON of work by myself right now [like *REAL* indie devs;)], I've actually called on help from "the ME of past" [from up to ~10 years ago] for a TON of the concepts for some of my projects.  Luckily, after a lifelong "career" in art, i feel like my style has conveniently/ finally stabilized enough, that many of my designs form quite a while ago are very consistent w/ what I create in PRESENT day-  So essentially, for the mean time at least, I'm working with a team of... me-  Kinda neat, eh?



Junkyard Sam said...

Awesome as usual, and YET AGAIN I feel guilty for not making these for my kids.

My kids are ruthless though, and they'd tear them up if I made them.

Nice GRADIENT going on with the bird hippo!!! If I'm not mistaken, the leprechaun is SHIRTLESS underneath the jacket??? LOL

I'm still fascinated by the final linework going down on TOP of the color. I know that's how analog artists work, but I can never imagine dealing with that.

I'm so spoiled by digital.

But I don't have cool things like this for my wall as a result!!!

Junkyard Sam said...

PS. I'm a huge fan of the PATENAUDE UMBRELLA!!!

brian patenaude said...

HAH! Too funny that you noticed that he was shirtless. Honestly I thinking of painting him shirtless because i didn't want to introduce any new colors to the piece [+ already had a nice skin tone mixed], but once it started making me chuckle, i decided to def. give it a go;)