Tuesday, July 8, 2008

print making like there's no tomorrow!

old bertha [my HP photosmart pro b9180] has really been earning her keep lately. here's the batch i sent i sent down to [pikaland] (all the way down in malaysia!], for NEXT month's pikapackage- a mix of the smurf color remix series, the box collection, and mr. octopus from series SEALIFE...

and below is the first batch of exclusive prints i shipped out to [the shiny squirrel] last week.

after wrapping up the photoshop work in the SUBMERGED series this week, and move onto a series for halloween, along with various other projects that i'm sure will creep in along the way. oh boy!

... patenaude


Junkyard Sam said...

Man I lOVE the pics with the prints all together like that.

So hardcore.

Anonymous said...

oh my, these are so beautiful. i love sea life as do i love sketches and art. i would def purchase art like this. do you have a website? or am i on your web site? ha. or are they even for sale??