Sunday, July 6, 2008

[art] TO DO list [week of 07.06.08]...

so. most people that know me, know that i can be quite obsessed with "to do" lists, and quite frequently write the most important bits on my hand- with sharpie marker of course [NO! it says their NON toxic].
anyway- because i usually end up writing several throughout the week, revamping, prettying up the lettering, etc. it might make more sense just to post them up here- this might also help me follow through on actually getting them all done [the more people you tell, the more people there are to hold you accountable].
so here goes [art only btw- decided not to bore ya with the rest of it;)]...

01] start using lunch time to get some drawing in [night time is usually set aside for painting, printing, and packaging]- possibly for this week's ill. friday: sour
02] gather together prints for next month pikapackage, sign, seal, and pack
03] finish photoshop work on SUBMERGED series- decide whether to do prints, or just offer the originals for sale [possibly based on test prints]

04] send said prints to pikaland
05] post SEALIFE series on etsy shop [photoshop work done on sunday night]
06] continue on halloween sketches for an upcoming series of either 3 or 5 [depending on how many "elements" i whip of for them]- i think i might handle this series like a straight-up collage- tracing them straight onto the canvas from the sketch pads- cutting out the scan/ composite/ print process
06] send a few pieces into for a review?

... patenaude


Junkyard Sam said...

This is an inspiring list. I make similar lists all the time.

I've organized mine into a "mASTER PLAN" and I keep it in Google Docs so I can access it at home and work.

I do it based on categories and subcategories and tab over to keep it orderly... I make URGENT things RED, and coming up things orange.

brian patenaude said...

ooh, ooh! didn't know about that- will definitely check it out- thanks!

... patenaude