Saturday, December 13, 2008

another batch...

more simple/ compact enemy designs for one of the game ideas.
messing around with some fat body designs.
this one was actually and attempt at a vertical design for a t-shirt contest submission... that never happened;)
why won't he just leave that little bugger alone?
"oh, you... comere for a little pinchy pinch pinch"
another round of q-bert nosed dudes- looks like the guy on the bottom is quite aroused about something;)

ok. that's it... i've been procrastinating enough- time to move onto painting what might turn out to be this years holiday card, if it turns out all right.

... patenaude

1 comment:

Junkyard Sam said...

LOL @ the NOSES!

The BUG is scary and cool. I hope that didn't just subconsciously influence my plans for my alien design!!!

The people on top of themselves - dude you should get your art tattooed all over yourself! hehe. All those characters in a big seamless drawing!

The first one - the Alf characters - I like the solidness of those blue blocks in the background for some reason.