Thursday, December 11, 2008

even MO' arts!...

i toldja i had quite the backlog- still trying to post these [while procrastinating on painting the holiday card;)] before moving onto the ~5th sketch pad of the year.
this one started while i was gearing up for the halloween series [which consequently left me quite obsessed with pumpkins ], before adding a nice shape which turned out to be that dragon lizard.

after drawing the guy, i decided to use the remaining space to continue working out the details of the catty wampi [the kitty cat beasties- plural for cattywampus].
i can't wait to use this vehicle [or something like it] in a video game some day- part santa sleigh, part pirate ship.
i've taken to working a few rude comments into some of my sketches [more to come!];)

decided to keep the sketch pad binding in this one, because it was so unbalanced/ empty without it.
hah! one of my most genius weapons ever! spiked vibrating um... "intimate toys"- HILAIOUS!

ok. that's it for now- plenty more to come!

... patenaude