Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mo' arts...

planning on starting to add more captions to give the drawings more purpose, if for no other reason to convince myself that this all matters;)...

...i think these two might be keen on each other.

... random guy- testing out the long bow tie as an accessory.

"blee boh bah borp"
a few sketches of some q-bert-esque baddies for one of my game ideas.

so... that's all- plenty more to come [already scanned even!], but i'm on my way out the door for 5 miles with the hounds!

... patenaude

1 comment:

Junkyard Sam said...

Oh MY god.

I ****LOVE*** top curtain one... You know why -- it has DYNAMICS. There's a real difference between the way the curtains are done and the animals are done... so it like -- it reads REALLY well. Outstanding.

2nd down - funny char, love the tie!

3rd down! LOVE the wobblywoops! They look spaced out! Good drawing, good composition. Would like this one in color, please. Thank you. =)

The next-to-last, funny face. Did he just have an orgasm? HWHAH

And the final one - those are good characters to jump on. I will steal them and use them in my game, thanks.
kidding. =)