Friday, January 2, 2009

and this is the year that _I_ need to make something happen...

[first draft... i suppose i might need to edit this a bit later]...

with the ease at which projects [whether they be comics, video game, books, animated shorts, etc.] can be seen to fruition these days and make their way into the audience's paws, there's really NO EXCUSE TO NOT MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN... this year.

yes- there is quite a bit of shit out there to wade through and find a gem. but given the fact there IS so much subpar product out there, is all the more evidence that it should be easy to get the good stuff to market.

i'm going to be realistic about the time and energy that junior [our baby-to-be's "working title"], but think that FAR too many people use their kids as an excuse as to why they don't accomplish other wonderful things [professionally & personally]. we are planning on taking it easy on the travel [especially international] for the first year, but i'm setting out to prove that the rest of life does not have to be put on hold.

and the economy i suppose is an excuse for some professions, but knowing how well the entertainment industry does in touch economic times [especially a section of the industry that is such a great bargain when it comes to price per entertainment hour-video games], i won't be using that excuse either. yes- funding is still an issue for some in the industry-- credit being hard to come by and all-- but if a project is run small scale and efficiently enough... there's really not a lot of money that's required.

and if you're wondering what lit this spark besides the old new year's resolution bs, i suppose it had something to do with this series of interviews on a group of awe-inspiring developers:
if they can do it, i should be able to as well. i have far too many ideas for ALL of them to be bad;)

wow... i hope i don't look back on this entry at the end of the year, and have to delete it;)

ps. more art, coming soon!

... patenaude

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Junkyard Sam said...

IT *IS* time to make something happen... I wonder if having a kid affected you like it did me. For me it was a HARDCORE WAKEUP CALL. Made me realize my age, made me realize how many people are counting on me... Wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat.

And we're in our 30s man. It's time. High time.

And there are thousands of others just like us thinking the same thing.

Must do it.

I'm 10% there.

Would be cool if we both kinda succeeded at the same time with our shit, 'cause we kinda talked through rising up and all.

We've seen a lot of our pals do so well...

It's time. Yeah.