Saturday, January 17, 2009

baby's room!

so here's what i've been up to for the last couple of weeks...
the original plan was to design a buncha weird aliens barely based on any real animals. after a dozen or so concepts though, we received the fantastic news that we were having a girl, and decided that freaky aliens covered in thorns might not be the best way to go;)
we also decided that i should try a teensy bit harder to make them a bit more recognizable as real animals, yet still retaining the style that makes art recognizable as... mine.
below is the first round, of what i hope will end up being a collection of ~10.
i'm planning on blowing them up to between ~1ft. - 2 or 3 ft. in height- still plenty of tests to do before i figure it out, but here's a sampling of a few of the ones that might make the cut...

as far as the color scheme goes, i think we're going to go with a light pink [already have 10 or so swatches picked out] to contrast with some deeper pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. but again- before figuring it out, i'm sure there will be a lot of trial an error involved- will post shot when they're further along.

oh! and because i really don't like painting directly on walls [too much pressure] and wanted the ability to rearrange them and take them with us upon moving, i've decided to paint on basswood [after preparing it with gesso]. that's where my brand-new ryobi 16" variable speed scroll saw comes in [i can't tell you how out of place i felt during the trip to home depot to pick it up, but i guess i should get used to that "handyman" biz when we end up buiying a house;)?].
i've done a few little test cuts, but am waiting for a spiral blade, before i start doing the more intricate cut with a bit more control/ ease.

... patenaude


KYMadan said...

I love those crazy little dudes. No 'dangly bits' for the baby Brian?

That saw looks awesome. I can't wait to see the final pieces.

Anonymous said...

Cool pieces. Definitely original. The eyes on the elephant-ish one are a little creepy for a baby though. I painted the Bratz girls on Bailey's wall and am looking for a cool music/rock star scene to paint on Megan's wall. I want something that will still be cool in 4 years when she's 12. She's becoming quite the drummer.
Lisa Lewis

Junkyard Sam said...

You got a GIRL? Man... I was hoping for a girl. Maybe I can talk Jess into a third at some point. That's one reason I'm trying to make a lot of money... if I could afford some help around the house I bet I could swing it.


Can't wait to see what your kid looks like.
Also, I'm looking forward to making some obligatory joke about it being yours or not, but I can't think of one.