Sunday, January 18, 2009

baby's room pt. II

here's the next round- a bit more rounding of some of the sharp edges, etc. is needed, but i'm building up quite a collection to pick from.
issue number one is decided on how strong of a theme to follow. i originally started drawing any animal that popped into my head, but with no end in sight [possibly because i'm procrastinating with the cuts & painting] i need to start reigning them in. quite a few of them seem to fit into a jungle theme, but that seems a bit boyish, so who knows- i might just end up picking my favorites, and go with the "animals that i like to draw" theme;)
yep- i convinced jen to let me include one alien;)

need to round out the ears and nose.

um... i was instructed to remove his pants- jen's call;)

the initial painting tests have been a little underwhelming, due to the inconsistency in which the gouache is drying on the gesso [which i used to prep the bass wood].
i'm really curious to see whether the indian ink black lines i'll be laying over the top of them will be enough to pull the pieces together, which will have to wait until the cutting is done... which i'm waiting on some spiral blades [they're supposed to make intricite shapes easier to cut] for. will be sure to post shots as soon as i get a chance.

... patenaude


Julia's Nursing School Blog said...

I like all of them!!

Joe Kresoja said...

these are fun, have to admit I love that weirdo elephant below.

Junkyard Sam said...

Ha! These are cute. =)

Monster Monkey said...

This is pretty cool stuff there, man.
Can't wait to see them finished