Tuesday, May 6, 2008


here's the story...

after completing the smurf pieces for the saturday morning cartoon show back in march, there were chocked full of elements that i really wasn't liking [the more pieces there are in a composition= the more potential for there to be at least one, thatchoo don't like (that's why Hieronymus Bosch is so impressive- it's all fantastic!)].

still wanting to make use of the elements i did like in the smurf pieces, i decided to divide the smurf [remixes;)] into their own smaller pieces- easier to narrow focus on smaller pieces, although my art will be getting busier again in the not-too-distant future.

so. here's a sampling of my favorite three...

and the process: seperate drawings of the smurfs/ foreground and background [actually had to ctop a lot of the background out]- composited in photoshop, printed out on canvas paper, inks, gouached & sealed wtih workable fixative. after that, came the ink- windsor newton applied with a nib for the characters, and , and a uniball vision elite for the bg [to help set it back a bit further]. i then scanned it all in, pumped the saturation a bit, to where it should be, then layed the outline back over with multiply and burn layers... and done!

you can check out the rest in my [SHOP!] where you can actually buy one of your very own!

... patenaude!

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KYMadan said...

Hahahaa! The purple one in the middle is hilarious - he forgot to zip up his pants? My favorite is the grey one - weird pikachu lady bits in the background pattern, Brian.