Thursday, May 29, 2008

kim's birthday invite!?

so i think it's about done...

i started out without much information: come up with an image for my wife's sister-in-law's birthday [does that make her my sister-in-law too?] & not much else, other than that i was sure there'd be drinking;) it was hot that day at the time so i assumed it'd be hot in another few weeks [don't quite have a gauge on seattle summers yet], so i started drawing folks @ the beach [probably because it's where i wished i was;)]... heh.

so without much luck fishing for a theme, jen and i thought that "mojitos" would work, so...

i added a cuban hat [simple, eh;)?] to the center guy, drew up a flaming cake that i threw that in front of him [he wasn't wearing pants in the original image;)],a nd then composited him, with a buncha beach-goers to widen the aspect ratio to something that would work as an invite header.
i decided to tone down the flame and enlarge the cake before dropping some gouache on it this is also the point at which i realized that i'd been painting on the wrong side of the canvas paper, which btw. makes it hard as hell to get ink and paint on there;)

and the final-ish... cleaned up the border + added a layer of outline burn on in photoshop. now hopefully all i have left is the info + possibly a bit more color adjustment + clean up the wording on the cake, etc.


... patenaude

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