Sunday, June 1, 2008

new series: SUBMERGED!

after a couple of commission sorta pieces, ive decided to start another one without rules. making use of a few random pieces i'd drawn up for a sealife series that i won't be using + some random characters & ideas that i didn't want to see go to waste, hopefully they'll all get along together in this series: submerged.

they're a bit rough at this point- need quite a bit of finishing, but for the most part, i'll stick with 'em for the basic composition- need to add a bit more substance to a few of 'em though. i'm also going to work a bit larger for this series @ 15X75 [was shooting for 10X20, but it seemed a tad big].

... will be sure to post more, as it progresses. it may be slow going, as i'm also planning on working on another series of 3 @ 5X7", in an attempt to salvage a few composition that seemed lost in the business of the LEFT OUT series. it might seem i'm reusing more than i should [i.e. the SMURF COLOR REMIX series], but i really want to see a few of these pieces relize the potential that i think they have.

... patenaude

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