Thursday, June 5, 2008

promo, promo, PROMO!

so... now that i've got a respectable [?] amount of art on my hands, it's time to GET IT OUT THERE into the world. as far as i can tell, this is the hard part- initially getting people to at least _look_ at your work, maybe even respond to an email, developing relationships with galleries, etc.

up until now, i've sent a bit of work to & for online promotion, but i'm just sending them to my etsy shop, which seems to be a bust for the most part- it kinda forces you to set uncomfortably low prices for your work & it's just not as NEAT as a brick & mortar gallery- that's the dream, right- actual honest-to-god ART SHOWS!

so! because the majority of galleries take some sort of a significant cut of the sales [30-50% or so], that means, yep- you guessed it- prices are going up! i'm not going to get nutty with the prices, as i feel i still have to pay my dues, but the prices will be rising slightly less severely than the price of gas.

inspired by ol' junkyard sam's idea, first off, i'll be sending a package to [eric nakamura]- publisher and co-editor of giant robot & as far as i can tell, owner of the GIANT ROBOT stores.

edit: + i put [this] together, and sent it off to the suite 100 gallery in seattle & so... we'll see- keep your finger crossed for me!

SO much to do, so little time!

oh! and a [crappy] progress shot of the submerged series [trust me- they don't look like much now, but i have high hopes for thise series]...

a few composition tweaks left, before i lay some ink down and start painting. because the next couple weekend are quite filled the series probably won't be ready until the end of the month, but be on the look out for progress shots!

ps. in non-art news, i got into the new york marathon lottery! i may end up putting it on hold though, because i'm planning on running it with jen [who didn't make it in, but might go the charity route, which allows you entrance if you're able to raise 2500$ for one of their specified charities].- we'll see.

... patenaude

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