Tuesday, June 24, 2008

series SUBMERGED progress...

these will probably be the last "progress" shots you see of series SUBMERGED.

aside from a bit more cleanup, once i get them scanned [especially on a few of the background washes ended up having a bit more "character;)" than i'd like], for the most part, the majority of the work will just involve inking them up, which will combat a lot of the unclarity that is going on in a few of them.

i'm planning on having these puppies wrapped up within the week, despite nibbling on a few other misc. projects simultaneously.

ps. yes- HARSH palettes, but... they were a lotta fun! ... enjoy!

... patenaude

1 comment:

Junkyard Sam said...

It's so cool and inspiring seeing these progress shots.

I especially like the last one where it shows your paint palette, etc...!