Wednesday, June 25, 2008

illustration friday: HOARD

well... here ya go- this week's topic: HOARD! it went a lot more quickly than i'd thought- originally i was going to polish one of my old concepts [HOARD is coincidentally the name of one of my pet project game designs, that's been collecting dust the last 5 years or so], but... during one of the little drawing breaks i take during the day at work to rest my weary eyes, i sketched up these little guys.

and because i was digging each of them equally, i figured i'd do a horizontal piece to incorporate both to 'em fighting over that pile of... ? so! i traced them straight onto the canvas, painted 'em up with a some gouache, threw the outlines back over it, and WHAM!

... enjoy!

... patenaude


Connie said...

Great drawing; fascinated by the process. If these are gardeners, I know that they do fight over just that.

brian patenaude said...

hah! great comment- hadn't even thought of calling them gardeners- it's actually just two guys fighting over more colorful blob, but i love the interpretation;)

... patenaude

Junkyard Sam said...

oh my god, you have no idea how much I love this... LOL.

Man, I ***really*** think you should assemble a self-published print-on-demand BOOK.

I REALLY want a book of your stuff to look at and make me smile now and then throughout the day and while I poop.

You already have enough material to do this. All you'd have to do is set your images at the right resolution and set it up.

It will cost you NOTHING, you'll just get $ every time someone buys your book. It's a nobrainer... You gotta do it man.