Monday, June 30, 2008

something to tide YOU over...

wow. it's been nuts lately. unfortunately, because of all the time i've been spending on art, i haven't been writing/ posting about art as much. so!! here's what i've been up to...

a] i finished the sealife series, a while back and gave it to elliot adams [rob & nicole's kiddo] as a gift for his first birthday. and the appreciation was well worth it all + i'll be offering the prints to boot! waiting to post final shots of those- hung up in the house and all.

b] had a couple of the floating beastie pieces accepted @
[the shiny online squirrel]! and turned those into exclusives- look for 'em any day now! the submerged series is just about done, but not yet ready to post. just finished the ink pass on 95% of 'em all, but plan on a few more tweaks before all is said and done.

c] meanwhile, being the pack rat that i am- not wanting anything to go to waste [especially art], i "salvaged" a few random pieces pieces that were sentenced to the "LEFT OUT" series that i'm not so fond of, dusted them off, and repainted them all on their own. AND HERE THEY ARE!! the SALVAGED series...

"whatchoo been eatin'?"

"coochi coo"

"baby's daddies"

... might throw a few more tweaks on there, before offering prints of them on the etsy shop [5X7" what a convenient size!]

d] aside from various other bits, including convincing more galleries to open their eyes, next up is a trio of halloween pieces- very exciting. and i figured i'd better start now in order to hang them nice and early for one of my favorite holidays of the year.

e] wow... listening to the beatles "love" soundtrack from the cirque du soleil show in vagas... _BY_FAR_ one fo the best shows i've seen _EVER!_ worth a trip to vegas just for that.

i hope you enjoy! and as always, i look forward to your comments!

... patenaude

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Junkyard Sam said...

LOL, this is the funniest series ever! Truly delightful... LOL!