Monday, June 16, 2008

various PROGRESS!

a shot of series SEALIFE [very near done- might thicken the exterior lines a bit + misc. tweaks based on what they look like in the frames + trim it down a bit to 7X7"] + another pieces, "unihorn", that i just extracted from a sketch, and painted up this weekend [75% done].

that's about it for now. next up is series SUBMERGED + i'm sure i'll go a.d.d. and stray off with a few random pieces along the way.

... patenaude

1 comment:

Junkyard Sam said...

OMG these turned out great! i love them all but I think the octopus is my favorite but only by a little. I love the texture of the painted areas.

Man these are nice. Are you putting these on Etsy?

PS. Is the one on the bottom your brother? hehe