Friday, June 20, 2008


in an effort to really get a feel of what the final products will look like [art + frames], and to fill a little empty wall space in our guest bedroom, i've started printing out a few pieces, just for jen & me...

i'm calling it the "promo wall", with the intention that i'll use shots of it to "promote" the final products & show how the different pieces can work together. i think before i'm done, i'll add at least a few more pieces to the composition.
... patenaude


Junkyard Sam said...

Wow, you're right. Your stuff does look good framed. Especially with the thick frames like that. Very nice.

BTW have you ever tried getting a readymade frame and hand painting it? It's real fast - use a large brush... But when you end up with is a textured finish where the original color shows through a bit... and in the end it feels much artsier than just a stock frame. (Not that the ones you have are bad - I can't see them up close so I don't know.)

Anyhow, that handpainted frame thing - I did that for a couple pieces at my house. Takes maybe 15 minutes to get it out, paint it, set it to dry, etc.

I like seeing stuff in a frame. I should do that too. Might help people be more likely to buy.

Charla said...

Interesting to know.