Friday, May 2, 2008

fecal face fridayz topic: FIVE!!

in an attempt to get my art & name out there a bit more [not just on all MY web sites;)], i'll be posting on more sites with weekly topics, etc. this piece is for a site called "fecal". no- it's not THAT kind of site- it's an art site with weekly art topics [it's nice to have forced direction sometimes:)], interviews, giveaways, gallery schedules, etc.

unfortunately, i think i mighta screwed up on this one- i "think" the topic "might" be "fives", but got a bit confused when i checked out this
[link] which lists this week's theme as "first love", but also that last week's winner was "first love"... anyway- here's my submission [hopefully it'll make it onto the site:)]...

and the process: quick sketch in the pad + inked, traced onto bristol board again [to have a more durable surface + expand the canvas area], inked, laid on some gouache, re-inked [to bring the outlines back up that were covered with the gouache], added a bit of prisma color for a tiny bit of highlights/ shadows, then a few inky finishing touches, and signed it. shizam!

planning on jumping back onto my smurf color remix pieces this weekend. will hopefully knock all those out, then onto whatever else!

... patenaude

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