Monday, April 28, 2008

illustration friday: WRINKLES

so. i missed last week, because the topic changed on friday [the day i was going to post it], but all the well, 'cause i wasn't really "feeling" the piece anyway.

anyway- after a few attempts at a wrinkly face, i was getting bored, so shot off into bulldog/ pug territory for inspiration [my boston mixes don't have enough wrinkles], ever careful not to get too generic. after a few hours, a couple glasses of wine, and plenty of scans [to cover my ass] later, here's what i got...

the process: drawing + tracing onto bristol board [to expand the canvas], scan, print out, gouache, scan [for a backup just in case the next step didn't work], then i laid some colored pencil on [it's been a while since i've used that medium, but boy do i dig it- _so_ much control], then scanned it back in, a bit of photoshop work [including saturation bumps, level shifting, a teensy bit of artistic filters + laid the outline back over the colored version with both multiply and color burn], and... that's about it.

might do some more tinkering with it, but this is it for now! enjoy!

... patenaude

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Asja said...

this is so great!