Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wednesday UPDATE: TALES of BERTHA!

so as you may know, if you've been following the site, bertha is my new HP photosmart pro B9180.

after a few runs on the hahnemuhle smooth fine art paper, that i ordered with the printer, i was looking for something thicker and more substantial.

i ordered a batch of hahnemuhle 308gsm from atlex.com [along with a sampler pack that was on back order and _still_ hasn't arrived] and ~10 [ugh] days later, it finally arrived. unfortunately it was not the paper i had in mind [which turned out is crane's fine art 100% cotton rag fine art paper- gorgeous stuff], but i decided to give it a go regardless, because i was chomping at the bit for something new.

jeez. i'm even boring myself, so i'll cut to the chase: HP photosmart pro B9180 + HP tech. support= _frustration!_

during countless attempts, much cursing was involved while i tried in vain to coax her into earning her keep. following each attempt, i felt as i was being mocked by it's clicking & shaking that can be most closely compared to a celebratory touchdown dance]. there was more that one occasion where i contemplated her death- fantasizing about finding the perfect sledge hammer to teach her who's boss.

poring over the manual for the 10th time, i _FINALLY_ figured out the reason the printer was being inconsistently finicky about whether it wanted the sacrifices/ paper that i had to offer it- after a few days of cursing and second guessing whether i should have bought the printer, i _finally_ opened the top hatch, and noticed that after the paper was entering bertha's mouth, it was slanting up and over the rollers, and getting caught [the manual only mentioned this problem occurring with canvas paper, but i suppose it's a universal issue with all thick papers].

so. after a gentle nudge down and under the rollers, she's finally giving me what i want- beautiful, crisp, color-filled prints [personally, i think they're looking great!], that fill me with anticipation every time i send her a job.

... hallelujah!!

ps. yes- posts with no images suck- i promise to snap a few shots of the printer and prints, as soon as i get a chance!

... patenaude

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